Push to talk can be used in a wide variety of industries!

  • Airline industry

    Effective communication between aircrews & ground staff can significantly shorten the turnaround time and improve efficiency

  • Security industry

    Is there any other industry more associated with tow-way radio than the security industry? But conventional networks only offer limited coverage, which is where Lynx7 comes in

  • Construction industry

    Effective communications is key to smooth operation and the preservation of Health & Safety in any construction scenario. Lynx7 ensures that standards are maintained and accidents avoided

  • Close Protection

    Close Protection is a specialist occupation and that makes communications required to support it specialised too. Lynx7 is used by CP Teams across the world to ensure they are never out of touch.

  • Arenas & Stadia

    From radios for Safety Stewards all the way up to Touchscreen Command Solutions for your Control Room, we will ensure you are never out of touch.

  • All Other Industries

    Lynx7 is ideal for any industry where groups need to communicate locally, nationally or internationally. Keeping on touch with your workforce is now easier than ever!