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Our Story

Lynx7 is provided by G6 Global who have been delivering communications solutions and support to mission-critical users since 1999.  Conventional radio systems offer a limited range, require high levels of technical ability to implement and maintain and require significant investment both during set up and for ongoing support.  By contrast, Lynx7 Push-to-Talk utilises the existing LTE network (cellular data) to provide virtually unlimited national and international coverage, with features that would never be available from a conventional two-way radio system.  It is both quick to set-up and extremely cost-effective, allowing groups to be established, enhanced and re-configured almost instantly, greatly adding to both operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Experienced Team

We have been providing quality specialist telecommunications services to a wide range of clients since 1999. Our primary goal is to understand your business, because only by doing that can we hope to provide you with a correct and comprehensive solution to your communication needs.

Our Skills

The team at G6 is drawn from a range of backgrounds including military, special forces and the mainstream telecommunications industry. This gives us a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge, giving you the confidence that you are in safe hands

Leading Industries

The Lynx7 system is suitable for a wide range of industries from Close Protection & Surveillance to Construction, Leisure and Delivery & Courier companies, to name but a few. If you have a team to communicate with, whether they are just across the site or on the other side of the world, Lynx7 is your answer